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The Consul of Technology is a position in Thebes overseeing technological services for the government. It is one of the twelve consuls, which is the main legislative body of Thebes. The current Consul of Technology of Thebes is Ian Steiger. However, for over a year and a half, for most of its existence, it was held by Cayden Ludlow, setting the record for longest consul position held. The consul of Technology serves to improve the technological services of The Micronational Empire of Thebes.


The Consul of Technology was one of the first consuls conceived on June 19, 2019. Several days later, on June 21, the role was filled by Cayden Ludlow. Cayden Ludlow has held the position until December 19, 2020. In late 2020, a series of disputed elections occured. First, Ludlow ran against Josh Weiner, and won. However, it was later discovered Weiner was not a registered Theban citizen, so the results were unconstitutional and the elections were redone. In a heated election between Cayden Ludlow and Ian Steiger, several disputes occured, resulting in Ludlow conceding the election to Steiger. Steiger has held the position since than. Soon afterward, the official title of the position was changed from Consul of Technology and Machinery to Consul of Technology.


The Consul of Technology oversees all technological services and items within Thebes. The full name is the Consul of Technology.

List of Consuls of Technology

Consul Term Conditions Notes
Cayden Ludlow
June 21, 2019 - December 19, 2020 Appointed by Eithan I 2nd longest consul term ever.
Ian Steiger
December 19, 2020 - Incumbent Elected after opponent conceded. First elected Consul of Technology