Moderate Party (Vryland)

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Moderate Party of Vryland
Magtige Party van Vryland
LeaderGlade Meadows
Founded30 January 2019
Membership  (2019)14
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Big tent
Political positionCentre
Official coloursOrange
Seats in the House of Commons
2 / 10
Seats in the House of Lords
0 / 3

The Moderate Party (Afrikaans: Magtige Party) is a centrist party in Vryland. It is known for its big tent policy, equal rights for minorities and LGBT+ people, and the expansion of foreign relations and development.

The Moderate Party was the primary governing party in Vryland since the February elections, in which they received three-quarters of all seats in the House of Commons. Shortly after the resignation of founder Andrew West from the position of leader, the party won a renewed, albeit reduced, majority in Parliament. However, after a period of inactivity, a new election was called to take place on the first of June, 2019. The party finished in second, tied with the Party of National Reinvigoration, and the party fell from 9 out of 14 seats to a mere 2 out of 10 seats in the House of Commons. Shortly after the June elections, the Vryland National Communist Party attempted to form a coalition against the Monarchist Party, who had won a plurality of seats. Such a coalition would require the agreement of all other parties, and the negotiations finished successfully. However, shortly before the coalition deal was to be finalized, the Leader of the Moderates, Glade Meadows, announced that the Moderate Party would no longer agree to any such coalition, and the party entered coalition negotiations with the Monarchists, which are ongoing.


The party is led by Glade Meadows, its second ever leader. Its first leader was the Right Honourable Andrew West MP, 1st Prime Minister of Vryland.

Electoral performance

The party participated in the first Vrylandian general election in February 2019 and won twelve out of the fourteen seats in the House of Commons.

The Moderate Party's performance in past elections for the legislature of Vryland (the House of Commons.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Feb. 2019 14 73.6%
12 / 16
12 majority gov't
May 2019 11 47.8%
9 / 16
3 majority gov't
June 2019 3 21.4%
2 / 10
7 in coalition