Monarchist Party (Vryland)

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Monarchist Party of Vryland
Monargistiese Party van Vryland
Founded2 May 2019
Membership  (2019)2
Official coloursPurple
Seats in the House of Commons
4 / 10
Seats in the House of Lords
0 / 3

The Monarchist Party (Afrikaans: Monargistiese Party) is a monarchist party in Vryland. The party was formed on the second of May, 2019 following the exit of several MPs from the Moderate Party. The Monarchist Party seeks to protect the rights and power of the King and the nobility, sign into law a new, permanent constitution, comprehensively reform the political system of Vryland, encourage the development of small businesses by setting up a company registry to make it easier to officialise a business, work towards the purchase of a homeland for the Vrylandian people, continue to follow our policy of diplomatic isolationism, create programs to develop a unique cultural identity for the nation, ensure resources are set aside for the growth of the armed forces, and improve the general activity of the nation.

Electoral Performance

The performance of the Monarchist Party in past elections to the elected lower house of Vryland, the House of Commons.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
June 2019 5 35.7%
4 / 10
4 in coalition