Vrylandian general election, June 2019

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The Vrylandian general election of June 2019, which was scheduled for Saturday, 1 June 2019, was the third Vrylandian general election. The election was called only one month after the previous election due to a government not being formed by the deadline.

Electoral system

In this election, a proportional representation system was used, in which all Vrylandian citizens could cast a vote for one of the parties, and the 10 seats in the House of Commons were distributed proportionally based on those results.


Five parties contested the June elections, the Moderate Party, the Party of National Reinvigoration, the Monarchist Party, the Progressive Conservative Party, and the Vryland National Communist Party.


Only three parties contesting the June elections (the Party of National Reinvigoration, the Monarchists, and the Progressive Conservatives) campaigned in the elections. As a result, the National Communists and Moderates both saw a drop in support, with the Moderates losing a most of their seats in the House of Commons. The Monarchist and Progressive Conservative parties created electoral programs, which in the case of the Monarchists, led to a rise in support. It's widely accepted that all parties failed to mobilize their bases, which resulted in a noticeable drop in the voter turnout, with turnout falling below even the February elections.

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Parties Results
Votes % Seats %
Monarchist Party
5 35.71% 4 40.0%
Party of National Reinvigoration 3 21.43% 2 20.0%
Moderate Party 3 21.43% 2 20.0%
Vryland National Communist Party 2 14.29% 1 10.0%
Progressive Conservative Party 1 7.14% 1 10.0%
Total 14 100% 10 100%
Expected voters (turnout) 14 14.0%

Government Formation

Peter Chang of the Vryland National Communist Party attempted to arrange a coalition between the four "opposition" parties, in order to block the Monarchists from forming a government. This attempt was largely successful, and likely would have gone through, however the Moderate Party pulled out of the agreement after pressure from former party leader Andrew West. The Moderates are currently in negotiations with the Monarchist Party, and the two parties will likely form the next Government.