Vrylandian general election, February 2019

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The Vrylandian general election of February 2019 was the first election in Vryland's history. It was held on 2 February 2019 to elect all 16 members of the Parliament of Vryland. The election was not based on constituencies because they had not yet been laid out. The Moderate Party won 12 seats, giving them a very large majority in the House of Commons.

Electoral Fraud

Montgomery Hiesterman, the former diarch, tried to get back at the nation by rigging the election. He did so by illegally acquiring the goverment's private information database and using the personal information of multiple citizens to falsely vote on their behalf in favour of the Moderates. This was not discovered until after the state opening of Parliament had taken place, so it was decided that the seat distribution from the February election was to stay in place until the next election.


e • d Vrylandian general election, February 2019
Parties Results
Seats % Votes %
Moderate Party
12 75% 14 73.6%
Vryland Nationalist People's Party 2 12.5% 2 10.5%
Socialist Party 1 6.25% 1 5.2%
Traditional Monarchist Party 1 6.25% 1 5.2%
Fascist Party 0 0% 0 0%
Total 16 100% 19* 100%
Expected voters (turnout) 19 27.1%

*One spoilt ballot.