Parliament of Vryland

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Parliament of Vryland
Parlement van Vryland (Afrikaans)
1st Vrylandian Parliament (current)
Coat of arms or logo
HousesHouse of Lords • House of Commons
Founded2 December 2018
William I
Since 2 December 2018
Lord Speaker
Nicholas Crawshaw
1st Vrylandian Parliament seating plan - lords.svg
Lords political groups
  •   Independents
  •   Vacant
Third Vrylandian Parliament (Diagram 1).svg
Commons political groups
Government (6)
     Monarchist (4)
     Moderate (2)
Opposition (4)
     National Reinvigoration (2)
     National Communist (1)
     Progressive Conservative (1)
Last general election
1 June 2019

The Parliament of Vryland is the supreme legislative body of the Kingdom of Vryland. It is bicameral but consists of three parts, the King, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.

The members of the House of Lords consists of life peers and heriditary peers, appointed personally by the King. The members of the House of Commons are directly elected by voters in their constituencies.