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Milinton is a Micronation based out of Northern Michigan.

On the 13th of April, the communists managed to gain control over Milinton, after the President, Devon Kearney left, and Milinton fell into stagnation. Mr Kearney agreed to give Miles of Sorrenia and Jacob Ian Lewis control. They then formed a new government, led by the Soviet, by the name of the People's Republic of Milinton

Empire of Milinton

Founded on the 8th of January, 2014, Milinton originally began as an Empire, led by Emperor Devon Jonathan Kearney and King Donald West. Territories were claimed immediately, however King Donald warned the Emperor that if any territories were claimed illegitimately, that he would abdicate, and leave Milinton. Support for the empire began to dwindle, and on the 14th of January, Emperor Devon changed his office to President, and King Donald's to Vice President, officially creating the Federation of Milinton.

Early Problems

While some advancements occurred in the early days of the Federation, such as the legalization of gay marriage, larger problems were also caused. Similar to his actions in Gran Pais, Devon began declaring war on numerous micronations. When the President of Sorrenia, Miles of Sorrenia tried to stop him, he was placed on the terrorist list. After numerous negotiations, Devon agreed to accept help from Miles, and began working together on the 24th of January. Devon was also involved in the annexation of the State of Notus on the 22nd of February, and despite intermicronational support against the annexation, little could be done.

Rigged elections

On the 23rd of February, due to an influx of new citizens, it was decided that new elections should take place. The election was officially meant to last for 8 hours, in order to give all citizens a chance to vote. Early on, the vote was close between the Democrat Devon and Communist Jacob Lewis, however after only 3 hours, Mr Kearney called an end to the elections, while he was winning by 5 votes. After concerns were raised by the Communists in the nation, Mr Kearney kicked out the two main candidates, Jacob Lewis and Miles of Sorrenia, saying:


This caused intermicronational outrage, as it was clear that the elections had been rigged in Mr Kearney's favour. Later on, Mr Kearney offered to rehold the elections, however Miles of Sorrenia stated that:

"The Communist candidates will not run. Devons despotic actions show us that he will do anything to win, therefore we shall not run"

Milinton went into a crisis, as Mr Kearney stated that Milintonian nationalists had been in control of his Facebook account (Where the withdrawal of the election had taken place). The Communists however remained adamant, and managed to win more intermicronational support. Donald West, the Vice President left due to the situation after pressure from the Communists. The situation was so severe that for a short time, the Republic of Chico annexed Milinton as a territory, however this was short lived after Mr Kearney stated that:

"The stress brought on to the government of Milinton has been horrendous and tiring. Vice President West is considering quitting Micro Politics and I also am. The Communist Party of Milinton led by Miles of Sorrenia is the cause. Milinton held Presidential Elections in late December/early January but the Communist's insisted on hosting one last night. We did, and it was Jacob Ian Lewis versus me. I was loosing and right when i started winning 15-13 votes i closed the polls. I did not want to loose power since i did create this nation. I am apologizing to the Communist Party and too all Milinton Citizens. I would like to bring Milinton back to the way it was 2 days ago, therefor we are canceling the contract with Chico of us being a territory and are going to become independent once again."


Due to Mr Kearney's numerous actions, Milinton lost intermicronational interest, and began to fall into stagnation. Many attempts were made to rekindle Milinton, such as the creation of a new news network, however they only had minor affects, as Milinton became increasingly inactive. On the 4th of April, 2014, Devon Kearney disestablished the government, due to a lack of general interest, he stated:

"On this day, 4-4-14 The Republic of Milinton will be dissolving the government. President Kearney and Vice President Riolay shared this information to MNN recently and have begun to close all entrances to the capital and our territories."

Communist Takeover

In order to rekindle Milinton, a People's Republic was formed by Miles of Sorrenia, Jacob Lewis and Donald West. Devon agreed to the idea, and in order to protect it from falling, a dictatorship based on a Soviet system was created, and numerous nations annexed land from Milinton in order to help it survive.

Union of Milintonian People's Republic's

On the 15th of April, the official Communist government was formed. The Premier ordered all micronations to relinquish their claims on Milintonian land in order to form new People's Republic's, loyal to the new Legislature, the Supreme Soviet. All but one of the People's Republic's were Communist, the other being Democrat, led by Devon Kearney. Many advancements were made, such as the equality act, which shared all produce of Milinton with the citizens living on the land. Despite this, Mr Kearney began to ask for more power, attempting to take over the region of Ostport to create a more autonomous area of Milinton.

Former Milintonian States

On the 18th of April, Mr Kearney formed the FMS, consisting of the Northern states of Lurako, Ostport and Ragnosia, and claimed independence from Milinton, with the desire to have more power for himself. FMS caused numerous problems in order to harass the Communist Soviet, although due to lack of support, talks began between FMS and Milinton for re-unification.

Conspiracy Scandal

Milinton was close to re-unification, however by Damian Billbrough's wishes (Vice President of the FMS), Devon denied the treaty, just 4 hours after agreeing to it, stating that another person had been in control of his account. Miles of Sorrenia, the Premier of the Supreme Soviet began talks with the Vice President, who agreed that re-unification was in everyone's interests. Mr Billbrough then gave the Soviet disturbing news that Mr Kearney was involved in numerous conspiracies against Milinton:

1: Conspired to take fake photo's which would suggest that FSM troops had taken over Milintonian land

2: Conspired to invade Milintonian land

3: Conspired to destroy the Supreme Soviet

4: Lied to the people of Milinton

Conversation between Devon Kearney and Damian Billbrough

This was shown by 4 chats between Mr Kearney and Mr Billbrough. Both were given pardons, and Devon was reprimanded, and given limited power, while Damian was appointed Premier Adviser.

Regain of Control

On 10-19-14 Devon Jonathan Kearney regained control over Milinton. His first order of business was to ally with The Kingdom of Arthur which was successful.

Political Parties

The UMPR currently has two parties that operate inside Milinton, the unicameral legislature in Milinton. Due to the heavy support for the Communist Party, it acts similar to a Vanguard Party, however does allow some power to other political ideologies, shown by the 1 seat held by a democrat representative, Devon Jonathan Kearney.


National Anthem:
National Anthem


One Nation, For the Glory of the People
Capital Lurako City

Official languages English, Spanish,

Denomyn Milintonians

Government Democracy
President Devon Kearney CP
Party Chairman Kyle Kearney CP

Legislature Democrat
-Type Unicameral
Seats 10

Nation Established
– Formation 08/01/14

Area claimed 140 Acres

Population 60

Currency Milintonian Dollars

Drives on the Right

National Animal Pure Bread Bull Mastiff
Party Name Emblem Short Name Leader Position Colour Seats Democrats
Democrat-Donkey.jpg Democrat Devon Kearney Right blue
6 / 8
Supreme Soviet
Communist Party Download (55).jpg Communist Miles of Sorrenia Far Left red
2 / 8