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A MicroWikiholic, is someone who is obsessed (or in extreme cases addicted) to spending time, or editing on MicroWiki.[1] People who can be called MicroWikiholics are typically not severely addicted to MicroWiki. So far, the only known cure is either banning the person, or Wizard101. Vulture001 was a MicroWikiholic, until he started playing Wizard101 for up to 7 hours a day. By curing this addiction, he got addicted to something else, therefore rendering the cure ultimately unhelpful.

Some MicroWikiholics set daily edit goals, such as Z Luna Skye, who tries to edit at least 50 times a day, CaptainGalway editing at every place he can, and Nedland, who once made 3,242 edits in one single month.

Common symptoms

  • Staying up really late to make edits
  • Participating in community discussions
  • Chatting on MicroWiki@Discord for hours
  • Editing every page you visit, including this one
  • Editing on MicroWiki while eating, drinking, exercising, etc.
  • Editing in your sleep
  • Thinking about MicroWiki every day, all day
  • Talking about MicroWiki so much it annoys your friends
  • Bringing your phone outside so you can still edit
  • Making a rap song about MicroWiki
  • Refreshing recent changes every five seconds, or even four if you’re a madlad
  • Spamming the random articles button for articles to clean up
  • Donating your life savings to MicroWiki
  • Making pages that have no use for anything but you make them

Physiological effects

idiot sandwiches staying up late to edit for MicroWiki

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