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— King  —
Name His Majesty Cameron Koehler by the honor of Ikonia, King
  • 1 September 2018
  • Celebration, Florida
Country  Ikonia
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Christianity
Politics Conservativism, pro-monarchist
Military career
Allegiance  Ikonia
Service/branch  Armed Forces of Ikonia
 Kingdom of Ikonia Air Force
IKONflag.png This user is the King of Kingdom of Ikonia
15 This user's Micronation has a population of 15

Welcome to the user page of the current Ikonian monarch, Cameron Koehler. If you need to contact me, please use

About Cameron Koehler

Cameron Koehler is the first and to date only King of the Kingdom of Ikonia. He is the Founder of the nation, having established it on 19 October 2018. Since then he has acquired a number of additional positions such as being Armed Forces of Ikonia's commander-in-chief, along with leading numerous government agencies and companies.

Non-micronational life

Cameron Koehler was born on 1 September 2006 to Paul Koehler and Linda Orozco, in Celebration, Florida. Cameron is an Christian and identifies as heterosexual. His personality type is ESTJ-T, and he is known for being both introverted and observant. His political views are best described as conservatism and he strongly supports american conservatism.

List of Ikonian Monarchs

# Monarch Portrait Reign Notes
I Cameron Koehler, King of Ikonia IKONportrait.png 18 October —