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The earliest articles, revisions, etc. on MicroWiki.


For six years, MicroWiki was located on a wiki hosting service (wiki farm) called Wikicities (later Wikia and now known as Fandom). After MicroWiki moved to its first independent domain on 7 November 2010, it was decided that the former content hosted on Fandom would be kept as an archive. However, in April 2012, a new community – known as MicroWikia to avoid confusion – formed on the old website to rival MicroWiki by claiming to be the "true MicroWiki", and in early 2014 the majority of articles written by the original MicroWiki community had been deleted from MicroWikia, erasing much of the early history of the wiki. Furthermore, MicroWiki adopted MediaWiki on 7 November 2013, and all articles and files were imported to a newly adopted domain micronation.org. This consequently erased all edit revisions (aside from an individual article's last edit) and registered user accounts from the previous independent domain. Thus, all articles on MicroWiki that can currently be viewed – as well as statistics and data from special pages – begin at this date.




Firsts, as according to MediaWiki:


Archives of old pages on MicroWiki can be viewed via the Wayback Machine.


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