Alexander I of the Taklamacan

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Not to be confused with Pope Alexander I

His Majesty
Alexander I

King Alexander I of the Taklamacan
King of the Taklamacan
(in opposition to Declan I)
Preceded by: HM King Declan I
Succeded by: HM King Declan I

HM King Alexander I of the Kingdom of the Taklamacan was ruler of half of the Taklamacan for a short period in 2005. He rebelled against King Declan I, proclaiming himself King and succeeding in taking over half of the kingdom before being defeated by King Declan I.

After the rebellion of Alexander I, the art and creation of the Taklamacan went into decline and eventually stopped, and the kingdom entered a period of political instability that lasted until late 2007, with three more notable usurpers rebelling against Declan I:

Despite being considered an usurper, Alexander I is counted in the regnal numbering of Wessaxon monarchs - Ptolemy II Alexander II had his second regnal name numbered II in reference to him, and Pope Alexander I planned to crown himself "King Alexander II & I" in reference to being the first Pope and second King of that name.