Pope Alexander I

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His Excellency
Pope Alexander I
Earl of the Taklamacan

Pope Alexander I.
Pope of the Proto-Religions of the Taklamacan
Papacy began:
Papacy ended:
2005 (after 5 days)
Predecessor: Maxine I
Successor: Marcus I
Personal information
Birth name: Alexander Hobbs
Born: 1993/1994

Pope Alexander I was head of the proto-religions of the Taklamacan for five days in 2005.

His reign ended when his plot to sieze the throne was discovered by King Declan I, who forced him to abdicate, allowing Pope Marcus I to assume the Papacy.

Papacy against the Monarchy

Alexander I quickly attempted to overthrow the current monarch Declan I. The attempt failed when the King was shown a letter written by the Pope to another conspirator which revealed his plot. Alexander I was put on trial and found guilty of treason. Although Alexander I failed, his plot was typical of the period of political instablity that the Taklamacan was going through.

Within the space of three years, there were four attempts to take over the kingdom, with usurpations by King Alexander I, Pope Alexander I, King Joshua I (who succeeded in removing Declan I from power for a week), and King Joshua II.

In early 2010, Alexander made another attempt to become King. By this time, King Declan ruled from Moylurg, and frequently sent Alexander to the Taklamacan to keep it loyal to the crown. Alexander planned to take the Taklamacan by force and install himself as "King Alexander II & I" before marching on Moylurg, but this plot also failed - King Declan secretly travelled to the Taklamacan with a small force and apprehended Alexander. A compromise was made whereby Alexander was given the title Earl of the Taklamacan.

Pope Alexander I
Preceded by
Pope Maxine I
Pope of the Proto-Religions of the Taklamacan Succeeded by
Pope Marcus I