Joshua II of the Taklamacan

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His Majesty
Joshua II
King of the Taklamacan
(in opposition to Declan I)
Preceded by: HM King Declan I
Succeded by: HM King Declan I

HM King Joshua II of the Kingdom of the Taklamacan was ruler of half of the Taklamacan for a short period in 2007. He rebelled against King Declan I, proclaiming himself King and succeeding in taking over half of the kingdom before being defeated by King Declan I.

The Taklamacan had been going through a period of political instability and cultural decline since late 2005 - numerous plots and rebellions against King Declan had weakened the power of the monarchy. The kingdom itself had been severely weakened by internal and external war, and was no longer the thriving centre of art and culture it once was.

Joshua II managed to seize power over half of the kingdom, and a civil war began between himself and King Declan. After a brief period of warfare, Joshua II abdicated and the entire kingdom once more fell under the rule of Declan I - by now however, the damage done to the Taklamacan was irreparable, and the kingdom fell into a dark age that would not end until later that year, when Declan I made a renewed effort to resurrect the kingdom after his coronation.