Mekkism (form of government)

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Mekkism, nissiian 亍丿丰국 [mekGug, pronounced meegoo] is a form of government unique to Mekniy. Mekkism is mix of unitary state and asymmetric federation. The head state and executive power of the state is unelected Meehk, the legislative power is one chamber parliament consisted of two wings. The first wing is wing of people and the second wing is wing of prefects.

As asymmetric federation and unitary state

Name Representative Function Example in Mekniy
NUTS 0 State Meehk International funkction, legislative, justice, executive, federal bureau (departments) Mekkism of Mekniy
NUTS 1 Prefectures, states, districts, federal districts Prefect, tyrannus, governor Election regions, territorial self-government (prefectures and districts), autonomy, executive power (states) Aseula (prefecture), Esagitiyeo (state), Yeoju (federal district)
NUTS 2 Territories - Phone area codes, CoroID area codes, codification Varglon, Shisail bekomaNun, Western Yeoju
NUTS 3 Municipalities Mayor/Sheriff Municipal self-governance Yeoju City, Kaywokki, Shisail, Pakve

Prefectures vs. states

The executive power of state is enforced in prefectures, states have their own executive power. Federal bureaus have unlimited power in prefectures, but limited power in states. States cannot leave the federation.

Characteristic elements of mekkism

  • The executive power has Meehk
  • States has autonomy
  • States issue citizenship
  • Existence of federal bureaus instead of departments
  • States and prefectures don't have international sovereignty
  • The basic law is not constitution but wiccan rede (raedi)
  • Constitution doesn't exist
  • The language is nissiian