First Bollands Cabinet

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Emanuel's First Cabinet or the Sorrenian Executive Ministral Assembly is the third cabinet of the Sorrenian Federation and was appointed on the 29th May, 2014. The cabinet, led by Emanuel Terranova is composed of the Socialist Party, Liberty Party, Communist Party, Conservative Party, Egalitarian Party and an Independent minister. It replaced the De Facto cabinet appointed by Sorrenia's President, however only made a few alterations.

Cabinet members

Portfolio Minister Period Party Notes
Prime Minister Matthew Bollands 01/09/14 Patriotic
Minister of Foreign Affairs Jacob Lewis 02/09/14 Freedom
Minister of Finance Alec Yu 02/09/14 Patriotic
Minister of Social Affairs Llewelyn Lawton 02/09/14 Patriotic
Media Minister Harry Fitzpatrick 02/09/14 Communist
Arts Minister Rilgar Ompastre 02/09/14 Socialist
Propaganda Minister Jonathan Bunch 02/09/14 Communist
Immigration Minister Levi Newman 02/09/14 Freedom
Infrastructure Minister Emrys Lawton 02/09/14 Communist
Religious and Ethnical Affaris Minister Trystan Cline 02/09/14 Freedom
Public Relations Minister Connor Watson 02/09/14 Liberty
Environmental Affairs Minister Matthew Bollands 02/09/14 Patriotic

Roles and Responsibilities

Prime Minister

Organizes the Cabinet, maintains it's role and stability, stops it from falling into stagnation. The Prime Minister is the 2nd most powerful position in Sorrenia

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Maintains foreign relations, reports on intermicronational happenings. Deals with ally/recognition requests

Minister of Finance

Deals with economics within Sorrenia. Also responsible for the management of the National Bank

Minister of Social Affairs

Reports on important social happenings and affairs (e.g. gun control, drugs etc). Compiles reports for the nation on any new decisions/laws decided by the government on said subjects.

Media Minister

Maintains online presence of Sorrenia. Runs Sorrenia's websites, and orders other media broadcasts, such as blogs, radio etc.

Arts Minister

Flag created by the current Arts Minister, Luke Mallicoat

Creates flags, emblems and other important insignia for Sorrenia

Propaganda Minister

Anti Fascist Propaganda created by the current Propaganda Minister, Harry Fitzpatrick

Creates state propaganda on political decisions, both micronationally and macronationally

Immigration Minister

Controls border restrictions, has power to close all borders. Encourages immigration to Sorrenia

Infrastructure Minister

Maintains infrastructure, such as education and healthcare, and brings important matters to the Cabinet's attention

Religious and Ethnical Affaris Minister

Similar to the Social Affairs Minister's roles. Also responsible for dealing with religious affairs and decisions, and helps decide it's place in Sorrenia's government and society

Public Relations Minister

Deals with any complaints by the citizen's. Also responsible for maintaining an informal, friendly attitude by the government when necessary

Environmental Affairs Minister

Encourages "green" living, and the reduction of CO2 emissions by Sorrenian's