Egalitarian Party of Sorrenia

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Egalitarian Party of Sorrenia
Parti Egalitaraidd o Sorrenia
LeaderLevi Newman
Ideology • Centrism
 • Egalitarianism
 • Anti-Communism
Internal Factions:
 • Anti-Socialism
 • Social Democracy
 • Liberalism
 • Pro-Capitalism
Official coloursYellow
CountrySorrenian Flag.jpg Sorrenia

The Egalitarian Party of Sorrenia was a Centrist political party in Sorrenia, and the largest opposition during the Spring Elections. After Chairman Levi Newman became inactive, the party was dissolved and its members joined the new Party for Freedom and Democracy.


Attempted Annexation

Josh Singh, a minor figure in the Patriotic Socialist Party attempted to annex the Egalitarian Party, due to its vehement opposition to Communism. After a debate and lots of discussion, the vote was held and 3:2 supported its annexation, however the President overruled the decision, labeling the move as "anti democratic". Josh Singh eventually left the PSP and Sorrenia, however left a scar on the both the Egalitarian and Patriotic Socialist Parties.

Spring Election

Socialist Party Propaganda
Egalitarian Party Propaganda

On the 26th of April, the President called for a reform of the government, beginning with national elections of the key roles in Sorrenia. It was expected that the Socialist Party would maintain its dominant role, due to the success experienced under the party's leadership. Just a few hours after elections were called, a new party by the name of the Egalitarian Party was formed, with the desire to eradicate Socialism from Sorrenia, and replace it with a government that does not largely favour any ideology. This also caused the Conservative Party, which had previously held no offices to engage with the Egalitarian party, leading to a coalition between the two parties. The Socialist Party began a "propaganda war" with the new coalition, in order to dissuade voters from supporting them, calling them "revisionist" and "reactionary". This seemed to work, as the new coalition won no offices in the elections, however both parties received an office in the Executive Assembly. The new supposed "threat" encouraged the Party Chairman of the Socialist Party to reaffirm the coalition between the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, who also won the office of Minister of Defense.