Marxia (City)

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City of Marxia
—  City  —

Nickname(s): The People's City
Motto: Unity, Friendship, Labor!
Country Flag of Sonora.jpg Sonora
State Flag of Marxia.jpg Marxia
Established: 7 September 2014
Founder Titus Smith
 - Type City-Manager
 - Body City Council
 - Mayor Titus Smith (1st)
Amy Wilde (last)
Population (August 2017)
 - Total 5
Time zone Sonoran Standard Time (SST)

The City of Marxia was the capital of the greater state of Marxia and one of two major cities comprising the state. Marxia began as a small city-state and over time rose as a major economic and political center of the region. It had served as the Marxian capital for most of its inception and was represented by the city council, headed by the Mayor.