Malay Kingdom of Armisenia

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The Malay Kingdom of Armisenia
Coat of arms
Motto: Unity in Diversity
Anthem: The National Anthem of Armisenia
File:Philippines, Singapore & Southern Thailand
CapitalSan Roque & Jurong
Largest cityJurong Division
Official languagesTagalog,
GovernmentOne-party elective absolute monarchy
• King
John Clarence Gomez

The Malay Kingdom of Armisenia, commonly known as Armisenia, is a micronation established in 2018 by the King of Armisenia John Clarence Gomez. From 2018 to 2019 Armisenia was a fascist state, anti-capitalist & anti-communist but they become left-wing nationalist in late 2019 and rejected fascism. Armisenia is the largest micronations in the world.[citation needed]

Administrative divisions of Armisenia:

Capital City of San Roque and Jurong, Province of Central Armisenia, Province of South Armisenia, Province of West Singapore & Province of South Thailand

Former Provinces:

Province of North Armisenia (now part of Glicerio) Province of Marimba (West Marimba), Province of East Marimba & Province of Marimba Islands

The ruling party in Armisenia is Armisenian Malay Social Nationalist Party, Armisenia is a one-party state.

Armisenia was a member of Confederated Union of Armisenia, Marimba and Glicerio.

In 2019 the King announce that Armisenia will reject fascism in acceptance of democracy, freedom and diversity.