Republic of Lowenia

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Republic of Lowenia
New Flag of Indradhanush.svg

"Your Own Country"
Capital cityChandril
Largest cityChandril
Official language(s)English, French, Hindi, Bengali
- Type - Unicameral
Established2 May 2020
Population8 citizens
CurrencyWorld Bank Currency
Time zoneUTC +5:38
National sportFootball
National drinkCoca-Cola
National animalLion

The Republic of Lowenia (ROL), commonly known as Lowenia, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state or micronation located in Southern India, landlocked almost completely within Bengaluru, India. Lowenia is a presidential democratic vegetarian with President as the head of state and PM as head of government. Its population is 8. The capital and the largest city is Chandril. It has 2 overseas territories- Bhagirathi and Gadinagar. Lowenia has 4 official languages (English, Hindi, French and Bengali). It is also a member of UAMW.

The currency of Lowenia is World Bank Currency.

It has a Parliament, the Parlement, consisting of 3 seats, each for the territories and the judicial arm, the Supreme Court of Judicature.

It became a member of CA. On 18 October 2020, the nation merged into the State of Vishwamitra.


Early Era (2nd May 2020- 12th Sep 2020)

The Republic of Lowenia was formed on 2nd May 2020 at 1:00 pm (Indian Standard Time). The initial days went in fulfilling the 1933 Montevideo Convention.

The constitution of the Republic of Lowenia was made at 28th May 2020. Initially, it had included toys but was later excluded.

Lowenia had 4 battles with the Blackpink Forces (though these weren't official)-

  1. Battle of Wooden Planks (Draw)
  2. Battle of Steel Sticks (Draw)
  3. Battle of the Cauliflower Curry (Draw)
  4. Battle of Terrace (RoL loses)

In June, the flag, currency, stamps and anthem were decided. In July, the Republic of Lowenia applied for the Cupertino Alliance and became a member on 12th Sep 2020.

Cupertino Era (12th Sep 2020-Present Day)

On the 18th of October, Lowenia merged with the State of Vishwamitra[1].


The flag of Lowenia consists of three horizontal bands- red, blue and green. The red stands for good fortune, blue stands for the blue sky and green stands for nature.


The three territories of Lowenia are- Chandril, Bhagirathi and Gadinagar.


Chandril is the capital and largest city of the Republic. It's the headquarters of RCM Technical Services, the only company registered within Lowenia. It serves the Parlement and the house of the President. There is a proposed Copper Railway network that will operate at 2021.


Bhagirathi is a disputed territory with the Blackpink Forces. The Blackpink Forces are the children of the Sashank Primero . It is a small graphite plot with a cemented roof.

The Republic of Lowenia claims this territory-

1.     Because the plot was never developed by the SPROA (Sashank Primero Residents Association).

2.     It was used as a reserve storage for shoeboxes and cardboard boxes by the neighouring flats.

The Lowenian Government cannot do development in Bhagirathi due to the-

  • Blackpink Forces
  • The neighboring flats
  • The cleaning lady will throw any development made by the Lowenian government into the dustbin.

The Blackpink Forces claim Bhagirathi as SPROA Territory saying that the Republic of Lowenia cannot just claim the territory as it is part of SPROA.


Gadinagar is a Lowenian territory earlier known as Voituretarre.




The Republic of Lowenia is a semi-presidential democratic republic, with the President as the Head of State and PM as head of Government.

Parties and elections

Lowenia has one General election every year, in these elections the people of Lowenia vote on the undecided laws, to elect and re-elect members of the Parlement, and elect the PM of Lowenia.

Party Party Leaders Representatives
Lowenian Democratic Party (LDP) Chandrachur Basu
0 / 6

Supreme Court of Judicature

This is the excerpt from the Constitution of Lowenia, which in detail explains the role of the Supreme Court of Judicature in Article 23.

Article 23 Supreme Court of Judicature

(1) The Supreme Court of Judicature decides issues involving this Constitution. In particular, the Supreme Court of Judicature has jurisdiction over:

a) disputes between Lowenian State entities concerning their respective rights and duties under this Constitution;

b) challenges of a national or regional entity, a Court in the course of its determination, or a third of the Members of Parliament against the constitutionality of a law;

c)  claims of individuals regarding violations of their constitutional rights;

d)  popular complaints about the violation of fundamental rights;

e)  challenges of an act of a Lowenian State power by the Ombudsman;

f) cases on appeal from National Courts as the Supreme Court of Judicature deems necessary to review;

g)  All other cases assigned to its jurisdiction by law.

(2)  Decisions of the Supreme Court of Judicature are directly binding for all entities of the Lowenian State.

(3)  The office of Supreme Court of Judicature Justices does not exceed a period of 5 years. The current Chief Justice of Lowenia is Noah.Y.Heo

National Holidays

Date Name of the event In honour of Description
26 January Indian Republic Day Flag of India.svg Republic of India and its constitution Celebrated as a national day in order to commemorate India's becoming a republic with a constitution of its own on 26th January 1950.
2 May Independence Day of Lowenia Establishment of the Republic of Lowenia Celebrated as a national day in order to celebrate the establishment of the Republic of Lowenia
28 May Republic Day of Lowenia Formation of the Constitution of Lowenia Celebrated as a national day in order to commemorate India's becoming a republic with a constitution of its own on 28th May 2020.
15 August Indian Independence Day Flag of India.svg Indian Independence Celebrated as a national day in order to commemorate India's becoming an independent nation after 200 years of Imperial British rule.

National Events

This list consists of all such occasions that are celebrated in the Republic of Lowenia.

Date Name of the event Description
01 January New Year's Day The first of the Gregorian New Year
11 August Anniversary of the President's parents This day marks the marriage of the current Prez's parents
14 November (2020, varies by year) Diwali Generally a 5-long Hindu religious festival celebrating to mark the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance".
It is called as the Festival of Lights
1 December Birthday of Chandrachur Basu The birthday of the current President, Chandrachur Basu
25 December Christmas Annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ


The culture of the Republic of Lowenia has a strong influence from the culture of India and the State had always played an important role in promoting the rich Indian culture, traditions and heritage. The culture is a mixture of Indian as well as the imperial British culture that had left its mark after ruling India for 200 long years as well as the South Indian culture of Bangalore.

The Lowenian citizens are also a fan of Japanese anime, especially Doraemon and Shinchan.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Lowenia has bilateral relations with the following micronations:-

Sl No Micronation Date of establishment of relations Macronation Notes
1 State of Vishwamitra 09 September 2020 India

The Republic of Lowenia has informal relations with the following micronations:-

Sl No Micronation
1 Fifth Aenderian Republic
2 Principality of New Eiffel

The Republic of Lowenia has been in talks for Diplomatic relations with the following micronations:-

Sl No Micronation
1 Kingdom of Centralia
2 Micronation of AVR
3 Jarldom of Hjalvik


  1. Roy, Dhrubajyoti (18 October 2020) Treaty of Chandril signed; Republic of Lowenia unifies with Vishwamitra. Purvanchal Times.