List of highest point by micronation

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Micronation Image Name Elevation Location Notes
Tueoedeth N/A Bobcat Mountain 123.3 m (405 ft) Hunt Province Highest point in the Tueoedeth. Named for Bobcats that live in the area.
Faltree N/A Speer Point 22.06 m (72.2 ft) N/A Highest point in Faltree. Named after Albert Speer.
Reunited Ocean States N/A Werti Peak 19 m (65 ft) New Werti Highest Point in ROS, named after the state of New Werti which it is located in.
Republic of Hilbert Dimension N/A Mount Elbern 193 m (633 ft) Higher plains region Highest Point in the Republic of Hilbert Dimension.
Caharabella N/A Caroline Point 159.9 m (524.9 ft) Cari Land Highest point in Caharabella. Named after Caharabellian resident Caroline H.
West Latgale N/A Mazais Kuļens 97 m (318.2 ft) Začmīsts Highest point of West Latgale. In translation from Latgalian, it means 'Small Kuļens'.
 Finnistan N/A Hallenbeck Hill 192m (630ft) Louthiros Within a neighborhood outside Louthiropolis.