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Imperial Principality of Lisseum
Flag of Lisseum
Anthem: "God Save The Prince"
Kaiserliche Island, Micras
Kaiserliche Island, Micras
CapitalFort Harris
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Prince of the Imperial Principality of Lisseum
Huțan Gabriel
• Phoklandian Feudal Program
28 April 2019
• Estimate
2 (Real Life)
16,000 (Micras)
CurrencyUS Dollar (Unofficial)

The Protectorate of Lisseum, historically known as the Imperial Principality of Lisseum, is a protectorate of the Kingdom of Phokland located on the geofictional planet of Micras. It exists as a creative government project undertaken by it's creator, Prince Huțan Gabriel. Lisseum was a member of the Phoklandian Feudal Program and as such is a protectorate only whilst it's government is being formed, and whilst the nation is still being fully established.


The history of Lisseum began on the 28th of April, 2019 when Huțan Gabriel asked Phoklandian sovereign Charles Ross about what it takes to run a micronation. Intrigued by his response, Mr. Gabriel inquired as to if he might join the Phoklandian Feudal Program and his own principality. This request was granted and later that same day, he was declared Prince Huțan of the Imperial Principality of Lisseum[citation needed]. The feudal program allowed Lisseum to receive help and aid from Phokland whilst is organised its internal affairs and learnt the ropes of Micronationalism, after which it would be allowed to voluntarily exit the jurisdiction of Phokland[1].

Around 4 May, a Lisseum region was founded on NationStates[2].

Phokland surrendered all of its micrasian holdings on 5 August to the Principality of Graustark, including Lisseum[citation needed].

On 27 November, the Republic of Lisseum was founded proper on the NationStates region, later transitioning to a parliamentary republic[3]. This present iteration of Lisseum however is believed to be separate by some of its members[4][5].


Lissuem is an absolute monarchy, based upon the theory of divine right. This means that theoretically, the feudal lord of Lisseum could do whatever he/she/they wanted, having only to answer to the main Phoklandian government.

The nation is unique in that although it is legally a protectorate, it has the ability to form and maintain its own foreign relations, excluding defensive treaties.


The only limitations to the power of Lisseum are that the state cannot have a standing military, nor may it declare war (and, by extension, peace). In addition, any decision made by the Lisseum Monarch or local government may be overturned by the Phoklandian government.


Lisseum is located on an island called Kaiserliche, south of the Graustarkian (previously Phoklandian) mainland. Contrary to Graustark, Lisseum is mostly forest and is primarily made up of rocky coasts and densely forested areas. The island is roughly 10,000 square kilometers in size and is home to roughly 16,000 "people".


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