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Lira of Pripyat'
Liraofpripyat'banknotes1.png Liraofpripyat'banknotes2.png
ISO 4217
Banknotes1 Centesimo,
5 Centesimi,
10 Centesimi,
50 Centesimi,
1 Lira,
5 Lire,
10 Lire,
50 Lire
User(s)PrincipalityofPripyat'Flag.png Principality of Pripyat'
Central bankBanca Reale di Pripyat' (ENG: Royal Bank of Pripyat')
PrinterOfficina della Banca Reale di Pripyat' (ENG: Workshop of the Royal Bank of Pripyat ')


The Lira of Pripyat' (ITA: Lira di Pripyat') was the national currency of the Principality of Pripyat'.


The Lira of Pripyat' used the decimal system, consisting of 100 equal Cents.
100 Cents was equal to 1 Lira (Symbol: ₤).
The Lira of Pripyat' had only banknotes.


The most common colloquialism (unofficial) for the Lira of Pripyat' was simply Lira,expecially for the citizens of the Principality of Pripyat'.


Banknotes had different length and height between them,for can distinguish them.Each note had the facial value expressed in numbers and letters,with also a watermark,four serial numbers (same between them,two in obverse and two in reverse),the national coat of arms,flag,sentence "La legge punisce i fabbricatori e gli spacciatori di banconote e monete false" (English: The law punishes the makers and dealers of counterfeit banknotes and coins),signature of the actual Prince and the actual Head of the Royal Bank of Pripyat' and a different pic in every obverse.


Value Obverse Reverse Color Lenght Height
1 Centesimo 1CentofLiraofPripyat'Front.png 1CentofLiraofPripyat'Back.png Pink 110mm 40mm
5 Centesimi 5CentsofLiraofPripyat'Front.png 5CentsofLiraofPripyat'Back.png Violet 120mm 45mm
10 Centesimi 10CentsofLiraofPripyat'Front.png 10CentsofLiraofPripyat'Back.png Brown 130mm 60mm
50 Centesimi 50CentsofLiraofPripyat'Front.png 50CentsofLiraofPripyat'Back.png Red 140mm 65mm
1 Lira 1LiraofPripyat'Front.jpg 1LiraofPripyat'Back.jpg Grey 150mm 70mm
5 Lire 5LireofPripyat'Front.jpg 5LireofPripyat'Back.jpg Green 160mm 80mm
10 Lire 10LireofPripyat'Front.jpg 10LireofPripyat'Back.jpg Blue 170mm 90mm
50 Lire 50LireofPripyat'Front.jpg 50LireofPripyat'Back.jpg Orange 180mm 100mm

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