Krlesian-Sendersian war

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Krlesian-Sendersian war
Date1th January 2023 - 10th February 2023
Result White peace

Krležsko.png Krlesia

Novávlajkavectorova.png Vector republic


Vlajka KM.svg Mendersia

Flag of Firburg.svg Firburg (until 26th January)

Noflag.png Jižní Svahy

Vlajka RK.svg Reiland

Sendersia flag.png Sendersia

Kybistánská republika.png Kybistan

Schwarzwald flag.png Schwarzwald

Flag of Vyrleia.png Vyrleia


Noflag.png Vallachian republic

Flag of Gamack.jpg Gamack

Noflag.png Patrovice

LANTHAI.png Lanthai

Noflag.png Lepsko
Commanders and leaders

Krležsko.png Jan Šťastný

Krležsko.png Martin Brožek

Krležsko.png Jiří Šulc

Krležsko.png Peter Simon Malček

Sendersia flag.png Komodzsen Adam Szutansky

Sendersia flag.png Sizso Trotir

Sendersia flag.png Kernél Matrialzsovsky

Sendersia flag.png Kernél Érbasovsky

Kybistánská republika.png J. S.

Kybistánská republika.png Milan Pokorný

Kybistánská republika.png Milan Hudek

Schwarzwald flag.png Alexander Zion Styx

Schwarzwald flag.png Tomáš von Königsgrätz

Flag of Vyrleia.png János Peter Szesekoven

Krležsko.png Krlesia 18

Novávlajkavectorova.png Vector republic 2

Sendersia flag.png Sendersia ~11

Kybistánská republika.png Kybistan 12

Schwarzwald flag.png Schwarzwald 4

The Krlesian military operation in Sendersia was a military operation on the territory of Sendersia. It started on January 1, 2023, in the New Year's speech of the president of Krlesia, Jan Šťastný, after the ultimatum sent by the Krlesian government was not accepted by Sendersia.

The beginnings

On December 30, 2022, a lawsuit filed at the instigation of the Krlesian State Prosecutor's Office against Komodzsen Adam Szutansky was presented in Krlesia, and he was subsequently dismissed from government and party positions in Krlesia. At 8:50 p.m., the government of Krlesia presented a dispatch that was sent by official communication to the government of Sendersia with a request for the extradition of Komodzsen Adam Szutansky for criminal prosecution and other demands arising from the charges. The following day at 2:17 PM, Prime Minister Martin Brožek gave an extraordinary speech, where he shed light on the situation and presented the extraordinary measures taken due to the negative reaction of the government leaders of Sendersia to the dispatch, the main measures being the alerting of the Krlesia security forces and the mobilization associated with the state of emergency. Meanwhile, in the sidelines, there was a disputation about the legitimacy of this dispute. Subsequently, many micronations expressed diplomatic support for Krlesia (including all MSVHS members). However, on the same day, Kybistan expressed its support for Sendersia due to their disagreement with the ultimatum and non-extradition of Peter Simon Malček to Kybistani jurisdiction. Subsequently, other micronations joined the diplomatic conflict. At exactly 0:00 on New Year's Day, Jan Šťastný's speech began, which, against the wishes of the people of Krlesia, announced the beginning of a military operation due to a completely negative reaction to the dispatch.


  • 5th Jan 2023 Small Kybistani unofficial delegation visits Sendersia, for initial defense strategy planning
  • 26th Jan 2023 The Duchy of Firburg ended its involvement in the conflict
  • 29th Jan 2023 Sendersia and it's allies sent a peace offer to Krlesia
  • 8th Feb 2023 Krlesia started to ignore the offer after promising to respond, Vyrleia joined the conflict
Kybistani flag near Choltice castle during the visit of Sendersia

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