Sendersian Democratic Republic

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Sendersian Democratic Republic
Senderskie demokratike republikmuseie
Senderská demokratická republika
Flag of Sendersian Democratic Republic
Emblem of Sendersian Democratic Republic
Motto: "Deszvan etote nasza droga"
"Laugh is our drug."
Anthem: Senderskie mtocsina má
Sendersko země má
Sendersia my country
Sendersia - map.png
Official languagesSzutanese, Czech
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
69% Sendersians
30% Czechs
1% Belarusians
Islam, Atheist, Christian
• President
Komodzsen Adam Szutansky
• Vicepresident
Gurbandzsuly Forta
• Minister of defense
Kernél Matrialzsovsky
LegislatureAssembly of state officials
Independence from Czechia
• Sendersia declared independence from czechia
11. october 2021
• Total
40 km2 (15 sq mi)
• Estimate
38 citizens
Time zoneCET
Driving sideright
Snow in Choltice
Frog lake in Kutnix city
[1]Sendersian war propaganda

The Sendersian Democratic Republic is a sovereign unrecognized country in the former territory of the central european city of Choltice and its surroundings. The closest micronations are Schwarzwald, Firburg, Vylreria and Kybistan.

Sendersia was founded on 11th of october by its president Komodzsen Adam Szutansky.


On December 18, 2021, a war broke out between the separatists of Southern Choltice, it lasted until the new year 2022, when the separatists surrendered. In May 2022, many new cities joined Sendersia, reforms took place, and an era of economic prosperity began. On June 23, Sendersia joined the Micronational union of mutual economic cooperation led by Krlesia. However, it was not there for very long, on December 30, 2022, Sendersia left MSVHS and terminated relations with Krlesia due to a ultimatum demanding the transfer of Sendersia to foreign hands. This led the Krlesian government to aggressive behavior and started a military operation on Sendersian territory, which is perceived as a declaration of war. A few countries expressed their support for sendersia, one of them was the Kybistani National Republic, one of the strongest micronations in the Czech Republic in terms of military. 25th January 2023 there was a terrorist attack from the citizens of Czech republic, they attacked the president however, he defended himself and neutralized the terrorists. He subsequently issued this statement: I did get hit in the face with a snowball, but I gave their leader a nice concussion.

Politics and government

Sendersia is governed by an assembly of state officials, a prime minister and a president. The president is Komodzsen Adam Szutansky with an unlimited term of government. The Sendersian government promotes freedom of speech.

LGBT rights

Gays and lesbians can have sexual intercourse Yes
Anti-discrimation No
Adoption of a partner's child Yes
Joint adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Adoption by a homosexual individual Yes
Gays and lesbians can openly serve in the military Yes
Homosexual individuals can form political parties Yes
Right to citizenship Yes



Choltice is the capital of Sendersia, with about 30 inhabitants. Most state institutions are located here.


Kernél Matrialzsovsky Airport Choltice (KMACH) is the only airport in Sendersia. It is mainly used for military purposes.

Administrative division

Sendersia is divided into six regions (Oblasts)

Name Flag Capital city
Choltická oblast (Choltice region) Choltice flag.png Choltice
Oblast Kutnix city (Kutnix city region) Vlajk oblst 5.png Kutnix city
Geszénská oblast (Geshen region) Vlajk oblst 4.png Geszén
Saríjská oblast (Sarijen region) Vlajk oblst 3.png Sarijen
Stunogradská oblast (Stunagrad region) Sendersia oblast flag i dont know what number.png Stunagrad
Fortagradská oblast (Fortagrad region) Vlajk oblst.png Fortagrad
Senderská exkláva Mířetice (Sendersian exclave of Mířetice) Vlajk exklav.png Mířetice


Sendersian army is the third army of Sendersia, the first two were: Sendersian people's army, Sendersian attack and defense units.

Culture and economy

Sendersian culture is very rich.


Sendersian cuisine uses egg dishes most often.

One of them is, for example, Szuszle s vajiszke (spaghetti with eggs)

Other dishes are, for example:

Orándszovky - Paprika Chicken

Surimi cock - Crab sticks with fries


Sendersian names come from the Szutaneese language.

Some first names:

Komodzsen (pronounced Komodzhen)

Gurbandzsuly (pronounced as Gurbandzhuly)


Csarlen (pronounced as Charlen)

Sizso (pronounced as Shizho)


Kodzselets (pronounced as Kodzhelets)


Sendersia does not produce much food, only cucumbers, strawberries and chive

  1. Translated as: We stand united as a wall against the aggressors, with a strong will and a heart full of determination, we hold our country and our freedom in our arms, and we will never give up the fight against oppression.