July 2021 Atieran general election

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2nd Atieran general election

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3rd →

All 7 seats up for election
4 seats needed for a majority
  Official portrait of Tucker I.png Jamez.jpg Will Cooper.jpg
Candidate Tucker Gladden James Bornstein William Cooper
Party Atieran National Front Atiera Moderate Coalition Atieran People's Union
Current seats 4 0 1
Seats needed 1 6 5

The next general election in Atiera is scheduled on 24 July 2021. The election may be held at an earlier date in the event of an early election motion being passed by a super-majority of two-thirds in the House of Commons, a vote of no confidence in the government which is not followed by a vote of confidence within 14 days, or should the reigning monarch feel an election is required.

Electoral system

The Westminster system is used where the leader of the largest party in Parliament is the Prime Minister.


The election should take place on 24 July 2021