John O'Kane

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The Right Honourable
Admiral John O'Kane
First Minister of His Majesty's Government
Assumed office:
8 January 2008
Monarch: King Ian II
Preceded by: Duke of Godricsun
Chairman of the Conservative Party
Assumed office:
10 March 2007
Preceded by: John O'Kane snr.
Personal information
Born: 17 August
Macronationality: English
Micronationality Camurian
Political Party: Conservative Party
Residence: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Religion: Roman Catholic

John Richard O'Kane (born 17 August) is the First Minister of the Kingdom of Camuria and Althacia, as well as Leader and Chairman of the Conservative Party of Camuria. O'Kane became First Minister in January 2008 after winning a landslide victory for the Conservative Party in the General Election.

He was born in the town of Prescot and from early on took an interest in his fathers work as First Minister to Parliament. In 2006, after John O'Kane Snr. retired, John O'Kane Jnr. took control of the party and won the next General Election in 2008.

Career in the Royal Camurian Navy

John O'Kane Jnr. enlisted into the Royal Camurian Navy Navy in 2006, shortly before taking the place of his father as head of the Conservative Party of Camuria. He tried to help the Navy expand and receive more funding from the treasury.

In September 2007 he was promoted to captain of the H.M.S Camuria, the old flagship of the Navy. Uptil March 2008 Camuria had enjoyed peace for about 40 years, and no-one, except the King-Emperor and John O'Kane had seen the point in expanding the Armed Forces, but in February 2008 the King passed the Second Naval Bill to repair and help the Navy grow. The Bill was passed due to the tension growing with the Kingdom of Misthasia and Camuria. What was to follow was the First Misthasian War, and the occupation of the Kingdom of Misthasia. During the war, Captain O'Kane took command of the Navy preparing to attack and after the Royal Camurian Army had attacked he successfully made an advance and forced the Misthasian's in the North to crumble. For this he received title of Admiral of the Fleet and was awarded the Order of the Rose.

Career in politics

After succeding his father peacefully in leading the Conservative Party of Camuria, he won the 2008 Camurian Elections ad became First Minister. During this first year, Ian II, of Camuria and Althacia created the Lower House, to to control religious aspects of Camuria and relieve the Upper House. During their lives these two have worked alongside eachother and now made the Upper House and the Monarchy closer than ever. He also helped the Conservative Party win the 2009 Camurian Elections for the second year in a row and has helped restore peace with Camuria's enermies.