Conservative Party of Camuria

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Party name Conservative Party of Camuria
Micronation Kingdom of Camuria and Althacia
Leader Admiral Sir John O'Kane MP
Established January 1994
Ideology Conservatism, Traditionalist conservatism, isolationism
Political position Centre-Right
Colours Blue, Gold
Anthem N/A

The Conservative Party of Camuria is currently lead by Admiral Sir John O'Kane, the Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal Camurian Navy. The Party won the 2009 General Election and brought in the Elections Act 2009, which introduced new policies which would keep a political party in power for a three year term (unless a vote of no confidence is called). The Conservative's are not expected the 2011 General Election, due to the new National Democratic Party and new territories that have joine the state, showing some support for the National Democratic Party.


Internal Policies

The Conservative Party has shown conciderable support for the expansion of the Camurian Empire. The Party differs to the National Democrats because the Conservative views on expanisionism promotes a more Federal system in the Empire, were all of the Empire's colonies and territories have a conciderable say and can represent all factions of the Empire to His Majesty's Government.

Foreign Policies

The Conservative Party has recently adopted the policy of Splendid Isolation, due to hostitlities from other micronational groups, who are concidered as "Jealous and less developed nations who want what we have". The Party has also shown they will keep open diplomatic relations with Camuria's Allies and are keeping relations with certain organisations open.