House of Deputies (Camuria)

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The Honourable Peoples of the Realm represented in Parliament Assembled
Upper House
HRH the King-Father,
not affiliated
Leader of the Chamber
Shadow Leader of the Chamber
Seats9 Members of Parliament
Political groups
  Independent (0)
Last election
January 2010
Meeting place
Chambers of Parliament

The House of Deputies is the Upper House of the Parliament of Camuria and Althacia, which also comprises of the House of Peers (the Lower House). The House of Deputies is a democratically elected body, consisting of 9 members, who are referred to as "Members of Parliament" or (MPs). The House is elected under the first-past-the-post system in all nine Empire-wide constituencies, adopted from the United Kingdom.

Legislative Functions

The House of Deputies holds executive power over that of the House of Peers, defined through the Executive Authority's Act, in which the Upper House was given precedence over that of the newly founded Lower House. The Peers still retain the right to delay all Bills put forward by the Deputies, and veto all Bills concerning the House of Peers and its position within Parliament.

The House of Deputies also retains the right to block government legislature before a bill is forwarded to the sovereign and before it is enacted by Royal Accent for up to 100 days, in which time the bill must have been reformed and evaluated and passed by both the House of Deputies and the House of Peers respectively, for the government to forward the newly reformed bill.


The House of Deputies uses a number of select committees, formed especially to review bills in considerable detail and then make the appropriate amendments before they forward the bill to the House itself. Bills relating to fiscal matters are put forward to the select committee named the Committee of Fiscal Amendments, a body that contains members from both the House of Deputies and the House of Peers. Instead of the Speaker of the House presiding over the committee, a committee elected Chairman or Chairwoman presides over when it meets within the Chambers of Parliament.

The House of Deputies also has several departmental select committees. The membership of these departmental bodies consists of employees of that specific department or the ministry it belongs too. Each committee elects its own Chairman on an annual basis the preside over amendments and reviews of bills to the house. The primary function of the Departmental Select Committees is to review and scrutinise the activities of each specific governmental department, and the Ministry's they belong to on a wider basis.