First Misthasian War

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First Misthasian War
Conflict: First Misthasian War
Date: 8 March 2008 - 16 March 2008
Place: Kingdom of Misthasia
Outcome: Camurian Occupation of the Kingdom of Misthasia
Royal Camurian Army, Royal Camurian Navy Misthasian Royal Guard
King Ian the Great, Captain O'Kane King Daniel, Lord Moffatt
20 foot soldiers, 2 vessels 14 foot soldiers
2 7
Operation Liberation

Cause of War

After founding Misthasia alongside Daniel Hill, Ian Forrest left for his home of Camuria. After hearing of King Daniel repressing his old subjects King Ian demanded that he stop, but after King Daniel began to build defences, King Ian also prepared and invaded with the backing of every other member of the Union of Micronational Allies to liberate the people.

The Camurian Invasion

To the South, King Ian the Great invaded with the Royal Camurian Army, drawing all their forces to them while in the north the Royal Camurian Navy attacked the coast and captured the capital with the help from King Ian's old citizens. The war was very short and after squshing the last reminents of the Misthasian Royal Guard at the small settlement of Waddicar Hill, the Battle of Hermungophia lasted from 12 March 2008 - 15 March 2008, as a last stand for the Misthasian's, but after finding out the King had already fled, the Army surrendered as they thought they had been abandoned.

Camurian Occupation

The Royal Camurian Army occupied the Kingdom of Misthasia with no oposition, in the north the people rejoiced and burnt King Daniel's portrait. The north, Rechiovince, was renamed North Perisma and the south, Hermungophia was renamed South Perisma. No resistance ever came from from the people and the two provinces became Camuria's greatest, after the mainland, but later in 2008, King Daniel invaded agiain starting the Second Misthasian War.