John Bercow and Soulja Boy incedent

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The John Bercow and Soulja Boy incident is an ongoing event in which former speaker of the United Kingdom House of Commons, John Bercow released a statement in opposition of the Grand Unified Micronational and in favour of the Cupertino Alliance. The incident was triggered when micronationalist Liam Alexander called upon Bercow to make a statement of such nature.


The events that lead up to this incident originate as early as 6 December 2020, where former Chair of the Board Jayden Lycon stated he would do emoticon dances from popular video game Fortnite for one hour if rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, commonly known as Soulja Boy were to say "Join the Cupertino Alliance".

i will do fortnite dances for an hour if someone gets soulja boy records himself saying " join the cupertino alliance"

Jayden Lycon, 2020

Two years following this original statement from Lycon, Alexander took it upon himself to request a video on the service Cameo of Way addressing the community to join the Cupertino Alliance. Unfortunately, the video request expired after seven days, leaving Alexander in financial debt of nearly CAD $200.


Following Way's failure to deliver the video requested by Alexander, he was refunded his $200 in credit that could only be used again on Cameo. Prior discussion between fellow delegates of the alliance noted that John Bercows would be a reliable second option if Way had failed to deliver.

As such, using his Cameo credit, Alexander then requested the services of Bercow, adding an additional CAD $14.99 charge as tax. In the following 24 hours, Bercow delivered the statement to the micronational community. The video was later uploaded to Alexander's personal YouTube channel.


The following is a transcription of Bercow's statement to the GUM.

"Order, order. Liam, Liam Munroe, it's John Bercow, former speaker of the UK house of commons. Order, order! Do not chew gum. This is from your boys at [the] Cupertino [Alliance]. Join the [Cupertino] Alliance today. I trust that the position is clear and the order brooks of no contradiction and allows for no misunderstanding or amendment. Your response to the order must entail no back-chat, no ranting, no baraking, no heckling, no chuntering from a sedimentary position, and no use of the unparliamentary language of a kind that would be deprecating in and subject to condign punishment by house [of commons]. Your response to the order must entail simple, faithful, absolute, immediate, and unquestioning compliance under the terms of the order. Onwards and upwards! Order. Order."