Jesse I of Wattania

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His Royal Majesty Jesse Watts
Diplomatic Session.jpg
Name His Royal Majesty Jesse Watts
Micronation(s) Ruled Wattania
Reign 1st January 2009 - Now
Coronation 5th January 2009
Other Titles/Styles His Highness

His Royal Majesty High General of the RWF

Personal information
Born April 13
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Mother Charlene
Father Chris
Legal Name Jesse Thomas Edward Watts
Royal Information
Predecessor Founder
Successor N/A
Heir N/A
Consort N/A
Spouse N/A
Issue N/A
Royal/Imperial House Imperial House of Watts
Dynasty Watts Dynasty
Royal Anthem N/A
Royal Motto Rex Mos Is

His Highness Jesse Watts (born Jesse Thomas Edward Watts, 13 April) is the reigning King of Wattania.

On January 1 2009, he became the founder and first King of Wattania. His coronation in early 2009 was a private affair, with only his private circle in attendance. During his reign, which at over one year is the longest for a Wattanian monarch, he has ruled wisely and with full public and parliamentary support.

Jesse was educated publicly at local schools first in New South Wales, Australia, and then Victoria. As of September 2010, he holds the Highest Military Rank within Wattania, outstripping even General Alexander Haynes, and has been awarded the Wattanian distinguished Service Cross - the highest Military Medal within Wattania.

Early life

Jesse was the first child of Chris Watts, and his wife, Charlene. His father was the First son of Bill and Ruby Watts. He was born by on 13 April at a Local Hospital near avalon. and was baptised on 29 May.

Jesse's Two siblings were born in 1997 and 2000 respectivly. During these years Jesse was described as "a character" and was noted for his Sense of Humor and Natural Curiosity as he grew Up.

Foundation of Wattania

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The Kingdom of Wattania