Wattanian Military

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Wattanian Armed Forces
Established February, 2009
Country Wattania
Nicknames W.R.D.F


15 Feburary

Previous Engagements

Battle for Port Liberation
Commander In Cheif Jesse Watts
General Alexander Haynes
General Information
Headquarters Wattia
Active personnel 2

Wattanian Armed forces

The Wattanian Royal Defence Force (WRDF) is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Wattania. It consists of the Royal Watttanian Navy, the Wattanian Army, and the Wattanian Air Force. During the first Months of 2009, His Royal Highness Jesse Watts established three separate armed services. Each service had an independent chain of command. However, in Early 2010, Wattania made a strategic change and established the RWDF to place the services under a single Headquarters.


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The Wattinian Army (WDF) is Wattania's military land force. While the Wattanian Army is principally a light infantry force, it is currently being expanded to include a long range Artillary Division. The Wattanian army is Under the Command of General Alexexander Haynes, with His Highness Jesse Watts as the Commander in Cheif.

Air Force

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The Wattanian Air Force (WAF) is the air force branch of the Wattanian Defence Force. The WAF has Short Range, Lightweight aircraft and a network of bases in strategic locations across Wattania.

The WAF has only a single operational command, WAF Air Command, which then Consists of a further number of groups, Each group consists of a number of wings.


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The Royal Wattanian Navy (RWN) is the naval branch of the Royal Wattanian Defence Force. The RWN operates roughly 5 vessels, Ranging from Smaller Inflatables ot a Single Catermaran style saling ship.Considering Wattania's The RWN is one of the most modern navies in its Area and is responsible for defending Wattanian waters and undertaking operations in distant locations.

The Kingdom of Wattania