Luke Bennett

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Luke Cameron Bennett
Prime Minister of Wattania
Assumed office
2nd January 2009
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Incumbent

Sir. Luke Cameron Andrew Bennett (born January 25) is the current Prime Minister of Wattania, elected by default due to there not being any other political candidates.

Prime Minister

Bennett was elected Prime Minister on the Secound of January 2009, a mere day after the founding of the nation and his current term in office is the longest of any Wattanian Prime Minister thus far. In this time, he has helped His His royal Highness Jesse Watts in the creation of the nation's laws, legislation, and direction for the future. Bennett's strengths lie in his decision making and public speaking ability. As a public speaker, Luke is well articulated and often works some dry humour into his speechs. This, combined with his eccentric yet charming demeanor have made him well liked among Wattania's populace.

Whilst not the Commander-in-Chief of the Wattanian Military, Bennett outstrips General Alexander Haynes in terms of Authority and thus is technically capable of making key military decisions unless ordered otherwise by His Royal Highness Jesse Watts. In terms of the parliamentary cabinet, Bennett has executive veto over all other members and has the final say in any bill that is passed through, although His Royal Highness Jesse Watts is capable of stopping any legisation bill if he so desires.

The Kingdom of Wattania