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These are the different gradings of the Iudette Scale. It ranges from A-F, with A being the best and F being the worst. This system for grading MicroWiki pages was created By Isaiah Burdette. Once an article has been graded, an appropriate template shall be added to the page's talk page.


Classification Logo Requirements
A Class Article A class article.png
  • Well expanded with lots of detail.
  • Referenced.
  • MicroWiki manual of style followed.
  • Great grammar.
  • Infobox and lots of pictures.
B Class Article B class article.png
  • Must be mostly full but some sorter sections are allowed.
  • Good grammar a few spelling mistakes is allowed.
  • Infobox and a few pictures.
  • MicroWiki manual of style followed.
  • Some detail.
C Class Article C class article.png
D Class Article D class article.png
E Class Article E Class Article.png
  • Not a stub.
  • MicroWiki manual of style not fully followed.
  • Infobox.
  • Horrible grammar with incomplete sentence's.
  • No more then half of sections are empty.
F Class Article F Class Article.png
  • Doesn't meet all of the standards needed for E.


Name Date graded Nominator Grade
State of Vishwamitra 6 November 2020 Dhrubajyoti Roy A
Free Republic of Florania 7 November 2020 Addison Dillon B
Isaiah Burdette 7 November 2020 Isaiah Burdette B
Desert District 8 November 2020 Jamez C
Social Republic of Georgienstine 9 November 2020 Alexandre Olivier D
Addison Dillon 7 December 2020 Addison Dillon A
Florania 9 November 2020 Addison Dillon C (Later changed to B)
State of Indradhanush 17 March 2021 Chandrachur Basu D (Later changed to B)
LGBT rights in Bonumland 22 April 2021 Addison Dillon B
Tucker I of Oskonia 25 May 2021 Tucker I of Oskonia C (Later changed to B)