Ilinsky Alfrenki Ledit

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Ilinsky Alfrenki Ledit is a currency that was used in the Principality of Ledilia.

The Ilinsky Alfrenki Ledit History

Forged on 16 February 2019 by Checco Latinov & Davide Romanov, This system of currency is being used by the Principality of Ledilia as main currency, the history is plenty old.

This currency was made to unite two main histories, the Russian and the Italian one, Analyzing the name we can find:

Ilinsky: Russian Name

Alfrenki: Reminds "Alfredo" in Italian

Ledit: Confirmes that come from Ledilia

You can exchange this currency by euros or by items.

Exchange table and main information

iso code:LDT The IALs is based of coins and banknotes;


  • 10 Frenkis
  • 20 Frenkis


  • 100 IALs
  • 200 IALs
  • 1000 IALs
  • 10,000 IALs
  • 100,000 IALs

You can also exchange 3 Jars of Chocolate Milk for 500 IAL

Other links & redirects

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This currency represent's Checco's and Davide's faces on the 100 IAL and 10,000 IAL.