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Official usersUpdated Flag of the Principality of Ledilia.png Ledilia
Unofficial usersRepubblica Popolare Tawilese
NicknameDit, Ledilian coins
BanknotesL£ 500 L£1,000 L£2,000 L£5,000 L£10,000 L£25,000 L350,000 L£100,000
Central bankZecca di Ledilia

Ledit (sign: ; code: LDT) also simply called Dit (also known as Ledilian coin) is the national currency of Ledilia. Ledits are also unofficially accepted currency in the Repubblica Popolare Tawilese.

Exchange rate

Ledilian Ledits are possibly the least valuable micronational currency in the world, with an exchange rate of $1.200.37.

Year USD Exchange rate GBP Exchange rate EUR Exchange rate JPY Exchange rate CAD Exchange rate
2019 $2.20 £3.56 €1.20 ¥196.474.325 CAD $1,55