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The ISDO is a clandestine and elite military force of the Kozuc Armed Services, currently and during multiple stages of its history. The government commissioned the program during the infamous Operation J-dub which unified West Kozuc and East Kozuc. The official acronym, ISDO, stands for the "Intervention Squad De Occulta", or "Intervention Squad of Secrecy" in the Latin language. Although never formally announced as an official government agency, it is thought that the ISDO has also been referred to as "the Seals" and the "Kozuc Marines".

Currently it operates under the name Covert Operations, which is joint branch unit consisting of an unknown number of Clandestine Service members and those from the Kozuc Standing Army. December 2015 was the first time that the group had been officially referenced to by the government, when President Small utilized them as protection for the Bourland Territory, neutralizing Western Kozuc, socialists without firing any shots. Secretary of State Security Baker officially commissioned the group as Kozuc Covert Operations.

Operation J-Dub

Operation J-Dub was the military capture of West Kozuc officials that took place during a meeting in San Chance, the former East Kozuc capital. The operation is said to have been done by the ISDO, but this has never been confirmed. Operation J-Dub was executed on the order of then President of Kozuc and Commander-in-Chief Riley Small, said to have lead the mission. The operation lead to the unification of the two Kozucs and the founding of a single Empire of the same name, which quickly failed due to lack of support from the West.