San Chance

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San Chance District
Founded 1 Sept, 2011
Area unknown
Commissioner Colonel Emmett Small
Citizens 10
Spoken language(s) English
Jurisdiction Kozuc

The District of San Chance, named after Chance Anderson, is the capital region and headquarters of the Republic of Kozuc. San Chance is two homes, including the residential area that is the government center and residence of the Small family. The San Chance Pact which unified Kozuc after the infamous Operation J-Dub was named after the capital of Kozuc as it was the location said treaty between East and West Kozuc was authored.

San Chance has a long lasting History of Kozuc history as the center for many political discussions and meetings for the government. Kozuc claims that in the event of an attack, the Kozuc National Armed Services would be able to mobilize troops to the capital in less than an hour. Unlike its counterpart, Bakaria, San Chance citizenship is not open to those who do not live in or near the region, and is regulated by the Commissioner himself.


The lands that make up the capital now are a part of the Republic and are considered a "District". San Chance has a regional "Commissioner" which manages all of its military personnel and public policies in conjunction with the federal government. The Commissioner is also the representative to the legislature, the Commission of the Armed Services, and the courts, the Grand Tribunal.