Revolutionary Council of Kozuc

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Revolutionary Council
Flag of Skendal and Unified Kozuc.png
TypeMilitary Junta
PresidentRiley Small, National
since December, 2015
Justice CommissionerEmmett Small, National
since December, 2015
Defense CommissionerDylan Knox, National
since December, 2015
Political groupsKozuc National Party
Voting systemPresidential appointment
Meeting place
San Chance (Official)

The Revolutionary Council of Kozuc was the transitional government installed after the Nationalist Revolution in December of 2015. They held complete control until the creation of the Commonwealth of Kozuc, which was formed in the beginning of 2016. The Council served as a legislative, executive and judicial body, with the President as Chairman. Only members of the Kozuc National Party were permitted to be members of the Council, generally all of them as military officers.


There were two Commissions within the Revolutionary Council: the Justice and Security Commission and the Defense Commission. Within each of these were Secretaries, Directors and other officers of the government. The Defense Commission served over basically all of the executive functions of the government, with the Justice and Security Commission generally responsible for law enforcement and judicial policies. The Justice and Security Commission was the only court within the Republic during this time, as a sort of military tribunal.

Secretary General

Sometimes referred to as a de facto "Head of Government, the Secretary General was in political status they equivalent to a Minister without portfolio. He served as the head of political policy for the Kozuc National Party and chief legal representative for the government. The Secretary General had the ability to oversee all activities of the government, but was a member of neither Commission. The office was considered that directly bellow an office of a Commission, but above all other Secretaries, Directors and officers within the council. In practice, the Secretary General mainly did tasks at the President's discretion and took Council minutes.