House of Nobles (Wallenia)

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House of Nobles
Huis van Edelen
Coat of Amrs of Vroopa.png
Upper House of the Wallenian Parliament
Term limits
President of the House of Nobles
Wallenian HoN.svg
Political groups
Meeting place
National Palace, Kronstadt

The House of Nobles is the upper house of the Wallenian Parliament. It is composed of 14 members, 2/3 are nobility and 1/3 are citizens with a special expertise the House of Nobles is modelled after the British House of Lords. It has the right to accept or reject legislative proposals but not to amend them or to initiate legislation. Directly after a bill has been passed by the House of Delegates, it is sent to the House of Nobles and is submitted to a parliamentary committee. The committee decides whether the bill can be immediately put on the agenda of the full chamber or if there should first be preparatory study of the bill. If a bill is immediately put on the agenda of the full chamber, it is passed as a formality without a debate.

The approval of both houses is necessary for legislation to become law and, thus, the House of Nobles can reject bills passed by the Delegates.

Chamber and offices


Legislative functions