House of Dullahan

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House of Dullahan
Coat of arms
CountryKingdom of Wyvern
TitlesDuke of Dullahan
Count of Dortstanja
Count of Rottum
Marquis of North-Spitsbergen
Prince of Snakia
Lord of Sunderland
Earl of Palme
Baron of Leafbathe
Current headBradley of Dullahan, Duke of Dullahan

The House of Dullahan is the current ruling house of the Duchy of Dullahan, it is currently headed by the His Grace Duke Bradley of Dullahan and is one of the three biggest and strongest noble houses in the Kingdom of Wyvern

Noble House

The House of Dullahan has always been the ruling house of the Duchy, its influence expanded during the formation of Wyvern through the increasing terretories that were aquired by the house. Currently it holds its seat of power in the capital city of the most populated and most dense populated state in the Kingdom, the Duchy of Dullahan, namely the city of Dullaham.

Main members