Duchy of Dullahan

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Duchy of Dullahan

For People and Country!
Conquest of Paradise
Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands
Capital cityOranja
Largest cityOranja
Official language(s)Dutch, English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentAbsolute Duchy within the Kingdom of Wyvern
- DukeBradley of Dullahan
- Head of GovernmentVacant
LegislatureCouncil of Dullahan
EstablishedDecember 20 2009
Area claimed150m²
CurrencyKans (de facto Euro)
Time zone(UTC +1)
National drinkIce Tea
National animalDolphin

The Duchy of Dullahan is a state within the Kingdom of Wyvern founded by Bradley of Dullahan. Together with the Senate, Bradley established this duchy in December 2009 to expand the influence of the Kingdom of Wyvern and to ensure that the Kingdom of Wyvern had most of its citizens living on its territory. From that moment on, it has been the most controversial duchy, mostly because of its founder, duke and governor, Bradley of Dullahan.


As with all states of the Kingdom of Wyvern, there is no separate legislature or complete government. Instead, as long as it doesn't interfere with national laws, the governor has complete control over the state. The governor is the most important person; he is responsible for everything that happens in his duchy.


When the Duke joined the Kingdom of Snakia and became a member of the Snake Knights order, there was need of a base in the territory in which the Duke lived. The ground which is now Dullahan became a part of the Kingdom of Snakia as a colony. When Snakia was changed to the Kingdom of Wyvern, Dullahan was excluded from its territory for a few months. On December 20, 2009, Dullahan rejoined the Kingdom as a state during the December 2009 land claims.


The Duke can grand and take titles from and to individuals.

The List of Nobility/Royalty


  • Duke Bradley of Dullahan, Duke of Dullahan
  • Margrave A. of Dullahan-Qoater, Margrave of Dullahan (Duke's mom)
  • Marquise D. of Dullahan, Marquise of Dullahan (Duke's sister)
  • Baron Nicholas of Zona: Baron of North Dullahan
  • Baron Pierre d'Égtavie: Baron of East Dullahan


Dullahan is a state, with 150m2 of land. It has wooden fortifications on one end of the Duke's residence, where meetings are held if needed. It is not far from the state of Wyvern and the state of Behemoth.