House of Deputies (Second American Empire)

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House of Deputies

Lower House

Chambre des députés
Палата депутатов
Second American Empire
R.J Bratt, Independent
since December 2020
Seats450from each of the states
Political groups
Major Coalition:
  MFD (283)
Opposition Coalition:
  Socialist Party of America (64)
  American Alliance Party (57)
Political groups
  Independent (46)
Last election
26 December 2020

The House of Deputies (HOD) is the legislative branch of the Second American Empire. The HOD is unicameral and the current chairman of HOD is Ryan IV, Duke of Lee.

Meeting Places

Usually, the HOD members were met to hold a meeting at Aurora, Northwest Ordinance, Second American Empire or via Internet (Online).

Mid-term Election (2020)

The Mid-term Election was held on December 2020 in the Midwest administrative region and a Protectorate to elect a representative from each of the following states. The election in the Midwest administrative region results was the representative from the midwest will be from Movement for Democracy Party, and it is from MFD.

Members of HOD

Each 33 of HOD members (or senator) is representing one of American Administrative Regions and states and from the political parties that dominate the vote on that state or administrative region. The members are elected once a year. The last election was on December 2020.

Notable members

The HOD members of the 2020 Term is inaugurated on December 2020. After the results of the 2020 Election, the old 2019 HOD members were replaced by the current one in December 2020. But, after the Political Crisis in January 2021, the only sustaining parties are MFD and Socialist Party of America.

Name Party State
Herbert Buß Movement for Democracy AACR
Raja Balaji Movement for Democracy Midwestern State
Ryan Bratt American Alliance Party Imperial State of Cascadia
Vikram Harith Socialist Party of America Western Administrative Region
Nolan Movement for Democracy LAR