Administrative regions of America

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Template:Politics of the SAE The Second American Empire is a federal monarchy who comprises several states. According to the administrative law of America, and state comprises several counties, and the counties subdivided into districts. State, county, and cities, have their own local governments and parliamentary bodies (the Local Government Council or LGC).

Today America consists of 50 states and 9 administrative regions (An Administrative Region, and 2 special regions). In the administrative law of America, if there were an area where more than 2 states bordering each other and defined as Mainland. And as of today, there are 2 mainlands that are subjected by the government.


The state is the first level in the American administrative division pyramid. Currently, there are 50 states creating the Second American Empire. By recent information from the Interior Ministry of America, the largest state in America is the Greater Magnum, with area of 80 km². Whilst the smallest state in America is the Pusilli et Magni who has the size of 100 square meters.

Here is the list of the American states:


American states and their capitals – listed by alphabets

State Capital Abbreviation Location
Dallas County WAR Dallas, United States
Central Region MAR Chicago, United States