R.J Bratt

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The Right Honourable
R.J Bratt
R.J in 2021
Prime Minister of Austranthium
Assumed office
1 September 2022
King Charles I
Predecessor Ryan Lynch
Successor Incumbent
Sigma Emperor
Assumed office
6 January 2022
Leader of the Contingency Ryan Lynch
Charles Chalybe
Predecessor Position established
Deputy Prime Minister of Austranthium
Assumed office
6 March 2022
Prime Minister Ryan Lynch
Predecessor Position established
Lord President of the Parliament
Assumed office
1 March 2022
Prime Minister Aidan Pierce (2021)
Charles I (2021-2022)
Ryan Lynch (2022)
Predecessor Vacant (one-party rule)
Personal information
Born 17 July 2008 (2008-07-17) (age 15)
Citizenship United States, Austranthium
Ethnicity Irish
Political party Independent (2020-present)
Spouse(s) None
Children 0
Residence House of all Sigmanians
Military service
Allegiance Austranthium
Sigma Empire
Service/branch Armed Forces of Austranthium, Sigmanian Imperial Forces
Rank Field Marshal
Imperial Commander-in-Chief of the Sigmanian Imperial Forces
Battles/wars ...

R.J Bratt is a Austranthian politician, who is the current Prime Minister of Austranthium and Emperor the Sigma Empire.

Early life

R.J Bratt was born on 17 July 2008.


R.J was appointed Prime Minister of Austranthium on September 1, 2022. He made steps to consolidate his power, that was against the Charter of Austranthium. He is considered to be a dictator of the country.

Government positions (2021)

-President of the National Assembly 2021–present -Prime Minister 2022–present