House of Austen-Buchanan

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Imperial House of Austen-Buchanan
Arms of alliance of
Jonathan I and Empress Hannah
(official dynastic arms to be decided)
Country Empire of Austenasia,
Principality of Wildflower Meadows
Parent houseHouse of Austen
TitlesEmperor of Austenasia
Princess of Wildflower Meadows
Current headHIM Emperor Jonathan I

The Imperial House of Austen-Buchanan is the branch of the House of Austen to which the incumbent Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia and his wife Empress Hannah belong. The suffix of "Buchanan" refers to the Scottish clan of that name from which the Empress descends.

The House was created by Imperial Edict on the first anniversary of the imperial couple's wedding as a cadet branch of the wider House of Austen, to comprise the Emperor, Empress, and any male-line descendants they may have.