History of the Democratic Republic of Subejia

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History of Subejia are formed by a very long interactions between individuals and groups inside Subejia or aboard, its timeline starts from early 19th century. Periods of Subejian history are divided to:

Era Period Description
Start date End date Duration
First Monarch c. 19th century 1939 138 years Establishment of Subejia by Sultan Al-Badir.
Japanese occupation 8 December 1941 2 September 1945 3 years, 8 months Japanese army occupied Federation of Subejo.
Sasuke era 12 September 1945 18 March 1989 43 years, 6 months and 6 days Rise of Sasuke's royal family in Subejia.
Post-Sasuke era 1 January 2020 13 March 2020 72 days After Raja Sasuke's death, the kingdom has dawn to fallen.
Second Monarch 13 March 2020 18 March 2020 5 days Restoration by Azwariq Qadri.
Civil War era c.2020 28 February 2021 11 months Azwariq Qadri leads the civil war due to King's throne is bad.
First Democratic Republic 28 February 2021 Present 1 year, 339 days Reformation of the goverment of Subejia.

First Monarch

Prior to its establishment, Subejia was originally called Kampong Subejo, which was came from village hero called Ucok Subejo. The village founded during the early 19th century and village head's son, Sultan Al-Badir, created his own "federation sultanate" called Federation of Subejo. The last king of Federation of Subejo was Sultan Al-Rahman Abdul Razak ibn Almahrum Sultan Zakaria Zainal Abdullah.

Japanese occupation

On 1941, Raja Sasuke and his army occupied Federation of Subejo. Meanwhile, royal army cannot attacked because there is a conflict between states. After 1945, Emperor Hirohito asked Raja Sasuke to retreat and came back to Japan if he wants to. Raja Sasuke was elected as king of Subejo by the majority.

Sasuke era

Raja Sasuke makes Subejo even better and also protected his country from Anggalan. Raja Sasuke attacked Anggalan because of kind of "dictatorship in monarchy".

Post-Sasuke era

Raja Sasuke died in 18 March 1989 because of natural death. His sons doesn't want to became a king because of illness. Thus, the Provisional Government of Subejo was formed. Eventually, no one leads the provisional government. Later, on 18 March 2020, Azwariq Qadri dissolved the provisional government.

Second Monarch

Azwariq Qadri restored Subejo and renamed it as Subejia. Originally, the official name was the Democratic Republic of Subejia but eventually Azwariq became the king, or known as Yang di-Pertuan Agong.[a] The term "Democratic Kingdom" was used after the Civil War. Azwariq then later abdicated his throne as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and was replaced by Mohd Salleh.

Civil War era

Azwariq, who was abdicated as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, launched an invasion on Taqim Union, in which does not exist. Taqim Union, a w:Marxism-Leninism micronation, was invaded by the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia.

Later, Azwariq launched a civil war on the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia. Albeit Azwariq did not actually launched an attack on Mohd Salleh, the Civil War continued until a revolution called February Revolution occurred on February 2021, to eventually make a proclamation of independence. On 28 February 2021, the Democratic Republic of Subejia declared independence from Malaysia and liberated from the Democratic Kingdom of Subejia.

First Democratic Republic

After Azwariq declared independence, he officially became President of Subejia and Mohd Salleh became his Vice President. The 2021 Subejian presidential election caused Power vacuum and political crisis.

Later, the 2022 Subejian presidential election occured by the enactment of the Constitution. After that, the Presidential Proclamation was released for the nationsleep.
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