Her Majesty Queen Astrid of Zealandia v. The Crown in right of Zealandia

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Queen Astrid. v. The Crown
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Date decidedDecember 1, 2010
Full nameHer Majesty Queen Astrid of Zealandia v. The Crown in right of Zealandia
JudgesHer Lorship Justice Michelle Wilson
Legislation citedConstitution of The Kingdom of Zealandia
Prior actionsNone
Subsequent actionsAstrid joins SDP
Case renamed by order of the Supreme Court/

Her Majesty Queen Astrid of Zealandia v. The Crown in right of Zealandia was the first major court case to come before the courts within Zealandia.

Lead up

Queen Astrid had on occasion expressed privately her political alignment but had not joined a political party, Astrid on the 1st of November 2010 attempted to join the Social Democratic Party of Zealandia which the Home Ministry Blocked. Astrid then appealed successfully to the Local and District Court (Denton City Centre). Her Majesty was then summonsed to the High Court of Zealandia (Denton Provincial Division) where she was issued with a injunction which ordered her to cease his membership application in the SDP which she did not and on the November 25 was issued with a summons to appear before the Supreme Court.


The decision was made on December 1, 2010 by Her Lordship Justice M Wilson. The Decision ruled in favour of Queen Astrid as it did not state in the constitution that the Monarch had to be politicly neutral or non aligned nor did it state that the Monarch was forbidden to join any political party. It was the First time that the court had been in session and the only time where both the monarch and the First Minister gave their seats temporarily to Her Lordship due to a conflict of interest.


The Queen immediately speed up her membership application to the SDP and became a member on the 5th of November 2010, The following the hearing up until the OAM affair and General election there was a thaw in relations between the King and the NPP Government.

Citations and impact on Zealandian Constitutional Law

The case has become an important section of constitutional law within Zealandia, that has been cited many times before the court with one example being R v. Sjoutter and Tiptree (ex parte) and another being Minister for Foreign Affairs and Society v. K Lindström, both of which held that Her Majesty had two legal persona, that of monarch and that of ordinary citizen.

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