Government of Wellmoore

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His Majesty's Government of Wellmoore

Governo de Sua Majestade de Wellmoore
National Government
HousesHouse of Ministers, House of Lords
Term limits
Founded14 March 2020
Luke I
since 14 March 2021
Prime Minister
Lord Axel MP, LGBT Party
since September 2020
Deputy Prime Minister
Secretary of State
House of Ministers voting system
First Past the Post
House of Lords voting system
Appointed by Prime Minister
House of Ministers last election
September 2020
House of Ministers next election
September 2025
Meeting place
Houses of Parliament, Midnight City

His Majesty's Government of Wellmoore is the main legislative body of the Kingdom of Wellmoore. The Government is lead by a Prime Minister (currently Lord Axel MP) who appoints those in the cabinet.


The Kingdom of Wellmoore is a Constitutional Executive Monarchy in which the reigning monarch may make major executive decision. However the Wellmoorean Government makes a majority of any open political decisions.

His Majesty's Government loosely uses the Westminster System.

Since the start of Wellmoore in 2020, the Prime Minister of Wellmoore has always been an elected Member of Parliament (MP) and thus directly answerable to the House of Ministers.

His Majesty's Government and the Crown

The Monarch of the Kingdom of Wellmoore, currently King Luke of Wellmoore, is the Head of State and Sovereign but not the Head of Government. The Monarch may choose to participate in the governing of the country but it's up to them. However, the authority of the state that is vested in the sovereign, known as the Crown, remains as the source of executive power exercised by the government.

The Prime Minister also has weekly meetings with the monarch, who "Has a right and a duty to express his views on Government matters. These meetings, as with all communications between The King and his Government, remain strictly confidential. Having expressed his views, The King abides by the advice of his ministers."

Royal Powers include but are not limited to:

Domestic Powers

  • The power to appoint (and dismiss) a Prime Minister. This power is exercised by the monarch personally. By convention they appoint (and are expected to appoint) the individual most likely to be capable of commanding the confidence of a majority in the House of Ministers.
  • The power to appoint and dismiss other ministers. This power is exercised by the monarch on the advice of the Prime Minister.
  • The power to assent to and enact laws by giving royal assent to bills passed Parliament, which is required in order for a law to become effective (an act). This is exercised by the monarch, who also has the power to refuse assent.
  • The power to give and to issue Commissions to Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces of Wellmoore.
  • The power to command the Armed Forces. This power is exercised by the Defence Council in the King's name.
  • The power to appoint members to the Privy Council.
  • The power to issue, to suspend, cancel, recall, impound, withdraw or revoke Wellmoorean passports and the general power to provide or deny Wellmoorean passport facilities to Wellmoorean citizens and Wellmoorean nationals.
  • The power to pardon any conviction.
  • The power to grant, cancel and annul any honours.
  • The power to create corporations (including the status of being a city, with its own corporation) by royal charter, and to amend, replace and revoke existing charters.

Foreign Powers

  • The power to make and ratify treaties.
  • The power to declare war and conclude peace with other nations.
  • The power to deploy the Armed Forces overseas.
  • The power to recognise states.
  • The power to credit and receive diplomats.

Ministers, Houses, Offices and Departments

As of 2021 the Wellmoorean Government has a total of 20 ministries and offices each one headed by a Minister, Sectetary or Director.

Current Offices

Current Ministries

Houses of Parliament


The Government is based in the Houses of Parliament in Midnight City, Wellmoore's Capital.

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