Armed Forces of Wellmoore

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The Armed Forces of Wellmoore, also known as His Majesty's Armed Forces are the forces responsible for the defence of The Kingdom of Wellmoore. They also promote Wellmoore's wider interests and intermicronational aid.

Military of Wellmoore
Armed Forces of Wellmoore
As Forças Armadas de Wellmoore
The Badge of the Armed Forces of Wellmoore
MottoDay or Night, We Are Ready
Founded16th of March 2020
Current form16th of September 2021
Service branches Wellmoorean Army,

Royal Wellmoorean Air Force,
Royal Wellmoorean Navy,

Royal Wellmoorean Marine Corps
HeadquartersMinistry of Defence, Midnight City
Commander-in-ChiefLuke I of Wellmoore
Prime MinisterRt. Hon. Lord Axel MP
Minister of DefenceNone Appointed
Chief of Defence StaffNone Appointed
Military age16 to Enlist, 18 to Deploy
Fit for
military service
8, age 15–49
Active personnel1
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
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The Armed Forces of Wellmoore consist of the Wellmoorean Army, the nation's principal land warfare branch; the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force, the nation's aerial warfare force; the Royal Wellmoorean Navy, the nation's naval warfare force; and the Royal Wellmoorean Marine Corps, the nation's amphibious commando light infantry service.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Wellmoorean Armed Forces is the Wellmoorean Monarch, currently King Luke, to whom members of the armed forces swear allegiance to.



The Wellmoorean Armed Forces where established by royal warrant on the 16th of March 2020. Their primary purpose is to serve and defend the Kingdom of Wellmoore, HM's Government and the Royal Family as well as promoting Wellmoore's interests and intermicronational aid.


War against the Seljuks (4 June 2021 - 4 October 2021)


All services of the Armed Forces of Wellmoore recruit from the Wellmoorean population. The minimum age to enlist in any branch of the armed forces is 16. The maximum age for enlistment depends if the applicant is applying for a regular or reserve role. All enlisted personnel commit to a minimum of 3 years of service while officers typically commit to a minimum of 12 years.

To Commission as an Officer citizenship is required, unless it's an Honorary Commission.

To Enlist as a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman only Permanent Residency is required.

Honorary Officers

The Commander-in-Chief of the Wellmoorean Armed Forces, the monarch of Wellmoore, may award Honorary Commissions.

Typical Honorary Ranks

  • Honorary Colonel of a Regiment - Wellmoorean Army
  • Honorary Captain - Wellmoorean Army
  • Honorary Air Commodore - RWAF
  • Honorary Group Captain - RWAF
  • Honorary Colonel - Royal Wellmoorean Marine Corps
  • Honorary Lieutenant Colonel - Royal Wellmoorean Marine Corps
  • Honorary Commander - Royal Wellmoorean Navy
  • Honorary Lieutenant Commander - Royal Wellmoorean Navy

Other ranks may be awarded at the monarch's discretion.

Honorary Officers

Rank Name Regiment (if applicable) Branch
Honorary Colonel President Kevin Baugh Grenadier Guards Wellmoorean Army

Cadet Forces

Military Cadet Forces where founded as part of the Armed Forces of Wellmoore, for younger citizens of Wellmoore to develop skills and experience that will help make them better civilians and that will aid them in a military career.

The branches of the Cadet Forces are:

  • The Wellmoorean Army Cadets
  • The Royal Wellmoorean Air Force Air Cadets
  • The Sea Cadets (Navy Cadet Corps & Marine Cadet Corps)

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